All you need to know about your arrival in Singapore

1. Stay in a good hotel

We’ve looked through a bunch of options that are conveniently located to attend our events and here are the ones we found recommendable.

Find a room for DevFest.Asia

2. Getting into Singapore

Singapore has only one airport — Changi Airport. Please make sure you get the correct airport if you’re flying! :)

Once you arrive on Singapore, you can get to the city either by Bus, MRT (trains) or Taxi.

The cheapest method to get into the city is through Trains, and you can find a station located in Terminal 2.

3. Getting around Singapore

Public transport (MRT and buses) in Singapore is excellent. It should probably be your first choice if you’re going around Singapore.

MRT and Buses

Singapore’s public transport system runs on a reloadable contactless card called EZ-Link. You can get an EZ-link card either from transit-link office in Changi Airport, or from convenience stores like 7-Eleven.

Singapore also has 1,2 and 3 day unlimited “Tourists passes”. There’s no need to buy these passes unless you plan on making more than four trips a day.

You might find these two apps useful for helping you get around in Singapore:

  1. Google Maps (both iOS and Android) — Tells you which bus or MRT to take to your destination.
  2. SG Buses (both iOS and Android) — Tells you how long you have to wait before you next bus arrives.


Taxis are great for going around Singapore if you have some spare cash. They’re generally pricier compared to public transport, but can get you where you want to go quickly.

You can either flag taxis from a Taxi stand, off the street, or call one using the following apps:

  1. Grab Taxi (both iOS and Android)
  2. Uber (both iOS and Android)

Note: Taxis are pricier during peak hours. It can also be difficult to grab a taxi on rainy days.


Changi Airport has free WIFI. Use it!

Singapore also has a wireless network called Wireless@SG that allows you to enjoy free WIFI all around Singapore. It requires you to have a local mobile number. You can sign up here.

Otherwise, you can hang around at any McDonalds or Starbucks outlet to get your free WIFI.

Here are some cafés with free WIFI if you’re a café goer.

5. Power Sockets

Singapore uses the British three-prong plug (Type G, BS 1363 UK, 230-240V). Take note we’re using 230V here.

Three prong plug

You can also force the two prong European Type C into the socket. It involves shoving a small and non-metallic into the third hole though…

6. Data SIM Cards (and mobile internet)

You can get a prepaid card from either M1, Singtel or Starhub. Look for one that offers you great data plans. Here are some good choices:

  1. M1 Prepaid Broadband Card
  2. Singtel Hi card
  3. Starhub prepaid data plan

That’s it! Enjoy your trip around Singapore! Now, go find yourself a good accommodation!

If you want to know more about Singapore, you can take a look at this handy guide made by the Ruby community in Singapore.