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November 18th - 27th, 2016

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Stay up to date with the latest events:

Stay up to date with the latest events:



DevFest.Asia Welcome Party!

Meet other fellow DevFest.Asia attendees and organisers over some food and drinks! First arrivers get free drinks on us 😁.

6:30pm - 9pm


AWS Zombie Apocalypse Workshop: Building Serverless Microservices

Fight Zombies and Build Serverless Microservices!

A widespread viral infection transmitted through bites that cause human corpses to reanimate and try to eat other living humans has caused the fall of civilization as we know it. This epidemic (the “Zombie Apocalypse”) has spread through every major metropolitan area around the world.

In order to fight this battle, we invite you with great urgency to register and attend the AWS Zombie Apocalypse workshop to restore order and rebuild what remains of our great civilization.

9am - 1:30pm

Design and Develop a Mobile App Prototype in 2-days (Day 1)

Learn how to design and develop a mobile app by building a working prototype in 2-days! A step by step hands-on workshop that combines the best of the Design Thinking and Extreme Programming worlds that will not leave you the same.

Nov 19, 10am - Nov 20, 6pm

Dev Careers Meetup

Learn about the engineering and design talent landscape in Singapore and participate in our legendary 3min speed interviews with some of the coolest employers in town!

3pm - 6pm

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Rails Girls

Come along and learn some Ruby on Rails from the Ruby Singapore group!

We love beginners so do join us if you are curious about web development and would like to find out more about Ruby and Ruby on Rails. As usual, we have a structured workshop session to guide you all along..

10am - 2pm


NodeSchool is an open source project run by volunteers with two goals: to create high quality programming curriculum and to host community web-tech learning events.

10am - 5pm

Design and Develop a Mobile App Prototype in 2-days (Day 2)

Learn how to design and develop a mobile app by building a working prototype in 2-days! A step by step hands-on workshop that combines the best of the Design Thinking and Extreme Programming worlds that will not leave you the same.

Nov 19, 10am - Nov 20, 6pm


The technology behind RedMart’s eCommerce and logistics

RedMart will host a DevFest.Asia 2016 satellite event, with four 20-30 minute talks on how RedMart uses technology to power its ecommerce and logistics operations.

Talk 1: Evolution of Infrastructure and Developer Tools at RedMart - a look at DevOps tool chains and processes powering high velocity software delivery pipeline at RedMart.

Talk 2: A story of fractals, discrete optimisation and tissue paper delivery - a technical overview of our past and current attempts at solving RedMart's variant of the vehicle routing problem (VRP) for last mile delivery.

Talk 3: Building Realtime Transport Monitoring with Event Sourcing and Akka Persistence - an approach to building an event-based system that provides real-time view of the driver state and preserves all historical events for predictive analytics.

Talk 4: Creating a Micro Service in One Step - scaling the ability to scale by abstracting away common configuration and boilerplate in our micro services.

7pm - 9:30pm

The Singapore Golden Kitty Awards

As the end of 2016 is fast approaching we here at Product Hunt Singapore want to make sure that the very best of these 32 products and people get their due.

So, for the first time ever, we’re kicking off The Singapore edition of The Golden Kitty Awards!

7pm - 10pm


Cybersecurity for Startups: The Case for Security

Discussion on cybersecurity in start-ups… why it’s important to establish a start-up with security in mind from the beginning, what the cost is of adding it in later, the dangers of stolen IP, and how to navigate creating a secure start-up while not losing the start-up feel.

6:30pm - 9pm


It's our first anniversary! Join us for a celebration and learn something new about the front end world. There will be cake!

7pm - 9pm


Hacking UX: Product thinking for techies

So you've got a techy business idea? How do you know exactly what is the product you should be building?

Designing product can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be so. From understanding the basics of business models and user behaviours, this workshop with the amazing Melissa Ng will teach you the basics of how to design a stellar product your users will love.

6:30pm - 9pm

Wordpress Singapore Meetup

The meetup for developers using WordPress!

7pm - 9pm



Bridging web design and implementation. The technical conference for experience designers and front-end engineers.

8am - 6pm

CSSConf.Asia code in the dark

Test how good your HTML and CSS skills really are: Recreate a website from scratch in front of our entire audience and win amazing prizes! Big thanks to Braintree for supporting us in bringing you this great After-Party event for all our CSSConf.Asia and JSConf.Asia attendees!

7pm - 12pm
Only for CSSConf.Asia and JSConf.Asia attendees

Talk.js Devfest.Asia Special Edition

Javascript, Javascript, Javascript and Javascript's friends.

7pm - 9pm

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JSConf.Asia Day 1

5 years of Southeast Asia's largest web developer conference. Join more than 500 of the most amazing devs in web tech for the coolest conference around.

8am - 6pm


JSConf.Asia Day 2

5 years of Southeast Asia's largest web developer conference. Join more than 500 of the most amazing devs in web tech for the coolest conference around.

8am - 6pm

Tessel Workshop

The founders of the Tessel project Kelsey Bresemann and Jon McKay are in town and are hosting this hands-on Tessel "Internet of Things" workshop. Kelsey and Jon will teach developers about the basics of hardware communication (GPIO, ADC, I2C, SPI, etc.), how to read datasheets, and how to start talking to sensors using JavaScript and Tessel 2. Curious? Find out more at

10:30am - 3pm

JSConf.Asia 5 year anniversary party

The JSConf.Asia 2016 after party for conference attendees and all of you that want to join in for the official 5th anniversary celebration!

7pm - 12pm
Free drinks for JSConf.Asia attendees


Web Audio Hack Day

Q. What is this WebAudio you speak of?

A. WebAudio is a (widely supported) W3C standard for generating, analysing and playing audio in the Browser. Checkout the spec here (

Q. Where can I learn more about WebAudio

A. WebAudio School is a self-help style tutorial for learning WebAudio (

Q. What shall I bring to this HackDay?

A. Please bring you down laptop, headphones and anything else you want to use for your project, like MIDI controllers, Arduino, etc.

Hosted by Bandlab

10am - 5pm

Introduction to Blender: A 3D Workshop by Debbie Ding

Blender is a free and open source software for 3D graphics and animation - allowing you to create 3D models, do rigging and skinning, uv unwrapping, particle simulation, fluid simulation, smoke simulation, sculpting, HDR lighting, animation, camera tracking, rendering amongst other things. The functionality of Blender can even be extended with Python scripts.

In this 3 hour workshop, you'll learn the basics of Blender - the Interface, Shortcuts, Selecting Objects, Transforming Objects, Moving Objects, Adding and Removing Objects, Adding Modifiers, Creating Diffuse/Specular materials, UV Unwrapping, Lighting, Camera Positioning, and how to render with Cycles (Blender's ray-trace based production render engine).

We will build and light a simple scene in Blender 2.7x, and then use Cycles Render to produce an equirectangular panorama which can be used to produce a 3D scene (three.js) that can be viewed in Google Cardboard, and edited (exiftool) into a Facebook 360-degree photograph.

This class was designed for people with no prior experience in 3D modelling and Blender.

Debbie Ding is a visual artist and technologist working between Singapore and London. She received an MA in Design Interactions from Royal College of Art in 2015. Other ongoing exhibitions of her work include "Shelter" (2016), a live-sized model of a HDB Household Shelter (commissioned for the Singapore Biennale 2016), and "The Library of Pulau Saigon" (2015), a computer-aided exploration of archaeological ambiguities at the site of a former island in the Singapore River (at NUS Museum's exhibition "Radio Malaya").


Note for Participants:

Please bring a photograph of a real life scene you would like to recreate in 3D.

Bring your own laptop and mouse and please download the following to your computer before the workshop:

Blender -
three.js -
Exiftool -

Please make sure you bring a mouse: Blender will be much easier to navigate if you have a mouse with 3 buttons.

10am - 5pm


A casual and relaxing coffee/brunch hangout among all developers, designers, makers and like-minded people.

11am - 1pm